Keeping your AWS budget under control

If you use AWS for your private website, tools or just for testing new things, you will get to the point where you’re not sure how much money your resources cost you. AWS has a small tool for that: AWS Budgets. With this tool you can keep your AWS budget under control and get notified if it exceeds your limit.


The following main features are supported by AWS Budgets:

  • Filter costs on tags, services, etc.
  • Use the real costs or forecasted costs
  • Get notifications if your resources exceed your limit

How to setup AWS Budgets

Go to your Billing Dashboard, click left on “Budgets” and then create a new budget. You will see this page:

Now just set a name in step 1. In step 2 you define the criteria you want to use to calculate your costs. Make sure that you select at least one. You can use advanced filters to add further costs. Finally, in step 3 you can setup a notifications. This is super helpful if you’re not constantly visiting your billing dashboard. Useful hint: use a forecasted value for notification, so you’ll get an early message before it’s too late.