Are you searching for a serverless cloud expert? 🚀 I’m a software engineer focusing on serverless and cloud projects. I can help you exploring the available options in the cloud, improving your serverless / cloud projects or migrating existing on-premise applications into a serverless or cloud-native application. ☁️

Portrait Sebastian Hesse

I have 3+ years experience working with AWS and Serverless Functions, 8+ years experience in software engineering using Java/JavaScript/Node.js and more than a year of experience as an interview engineer for high-skilled software engineers in top tech companies. I will support your project to produce high quality software and automate the development process as much as possible. My results will let you ship features faster, make your software more reliable and hence, stay ahead of your competition. 🏅

In my blog I’m writing about various topics in the context of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Serverless Functions using AWS Lambda. Feel free to contact me and check out my LinkedIn or Xing¬†profile 😉