Here is a list of talks I gave at conferences and meetups. My focus is on topics around software development with Java, AWS or Atlassian tools.

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Panel Discussion: Going Serverless

Event: UXDX Conference 2019 in Dublin, Ireland

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Bakers don’t farm the fields and mill the grain yet product teams are still worrying about the full stack of their solutions, right down to operating system patches and memory limits. This hands on session looks at how easy it is to incorporate cloud services and infrastructure as code into your applications and how to take advantage of existing services so you can focus on your business logic and differentiator.

I was one of the panelists together with Nik (BBC) and Laura (Walmart) talking about our (slightly) different views on using serverless functions.

Serverless Analytics and Monitoring

Event: Atlassian AtlasCamp 2019 in Vienna, Austria

Are you running a cloud app and struggling to get the right information out of your app and cloud infrastructure? A majority of third-party apps in the Atlassian Marketplace run on AWS, but they don’t use it to its full potential in analyzing their data. For example, do you know which customer is producing the biggest traffic within your app? How well is your app performing? Do you know which features of your app are the most popular ones? This talk will help you to find low-cost options available to analyze and monitor data of your app and cloud infrastructure. There are many services which you can already use without even changing your existing app or infrastructure and without running any servers by yourself. Sebastian Hesse of K15t will give you tips and tricks for retrieving the information you need – surprises included!

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Going Serverless

Event: Atlassian Developer Day 2019 in Las Vegas, USA

Are you planning to develop a new cloud app? If so, serverless might be the right fit for you!

Serverless makes it possible to write small functions and platform providers like AWS are taking care about the deployment and scalability. However, this new concept comes with its own drawbacks when used in production, e.g. long startup times or scaling limitations.

Hence, we will show you what it takes to run a cloud app using a serverless architecture based on AWS Lambda. We will go beyond the basics to show best practices and explain why serverless might be a good fit for you. You’ll learn which setup options you have for your development and deployment environment, how to develop solid serverless functions and where the limits are.

Using these learnings you’ll know how you can easily scale your app for a growing number of users and be successful on the marketplace.

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Caching in AWS Lambda

Event: AWS User Group Stuttgart, 2018

You want to optimize your performance in your AWS Lambda functions and reduce infrastructure costs by avoiding expensive API calls? You should think about caching data in your function! In this talk, I’ll show you three different options how to cache data in Lambda: simple caching, custom caching and managed caching.

Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast

Event: Atlassian AtlasCamp 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

Are you planning to develop a new Cloud app? Serverless might be right for you! In this talk, we’ll show you what it takes to run an app using a serverless architecture based on AWS Lambda, from design and deployment, to testing, debugging, and most importantly – how to scale. We’ll go beyond the basics to demonstrate real use cases, best practices, and explain why serverless might be a good fit for you.

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