Portrait Sebastian Hesse

I’m a 28 years old from Germany. I’ve got in touch with software development at the age of 14 (to be honest, in this time it wasn’t really software development, more trial-and-error 😀). In the early years I experimented a lot with websites using HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Later I got in touch with Java and also JavaScript. Finally, in 2011 when I started my dual integrated studies (studying software engineering (BSc.) & working in company) my first choice was and still is Java. After my Bachelor’s degree in Aachen (Germany) I continued studying Software Engineering (MSc.) at University of Stuttgart (Germany). At the moment I’m working for K15t GmbH building apps for Jira and Confluence using Java, Angular and AWS.

With this website I want to publish some facts about me and showcase my software engineering knowledge. In my free time I’m trying to work on a few side projects as well where some of my blog content originates from. I like to share useful information with you, because I believe that every information broadens your horizon.

My principle

KISS – Keep it simple, stupid.

Often people tend to make everything more and more complicated and thus get stuck with their work. Sometimes I also catch myself making my work too complicated. Then I have to lean back and think of this principle again. I like it simple, clean and organised.