First steps with JavaFX

Today I want to write about my first steps with JavaFX and try to go through my first application step by step. I only provide some examples and in this case it’s not a copy-and-run example! You must read the documentation which is mentioned below. In order to see the full code of the application, browse the sources in my GitHub project:

This week I had a small problem: I had to convert some wiki pages from a GitHub project from markdown format to another format like *.docx. So, I remembered a friend told me a few weeks ago about Pandoc which can convert a lot of documentation formats to a lot more of documentation formats. I gave it a try: searched for “Pandoc download” and found an installer for Windows. Unfortunately I’m a person who prefers GUIs, thus I was a little bit disappointed as I realized that I had to use the console for conversion. But after converting I was fascinated that it worked pretty well and fast, I only had to do a few changes, because if you want to convert multiple input files, Pandoc merges all input files together to one file. A few hours later I decided to create a GUI and started a JavaFX project.

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