1und1 Campus Code

Hey there,

I’ve found an interesting offer last december where you get a server/homepage for your project if you’re a student. The ones of you who are german students, can take advantage of the 1und1 Campus Code program which offers students from Germany the opportunity to get their own Homepage, WordPress-Site, Linux- or Windows-Server for 1€/year. 

I’ve ordered a (virtual) server there which isn’t that cheap, but only costs 1€/month. It’s shipped with CentOs 6 and offers Plesk Software to manage your server. Additionally you can order a free domain for your server, I’ve registered www.sebastianhesse.com, but that it’s free is only available for the virtual server product I think. Nevertheless you can pay for additional domains or so. After completing the registration, the server has been available after a few minutes, the domain availability took a little bit longer as usual.

Now here are the things I want to realize with the server:

  • Deepen my Linux skills
  • Install some development software like webserver, subversion/git software, maven repository and a CI server to create my “own” continuous delivery chain
  • Do some experiments

My progress will be posted here on my blog 😉

I hope this offer is interesting for some of you 🙂 I think this is a good way and opportunity to start some experiments or small projects while studying and you don’t spend too much money on a product you’re probably not using every day.