How to test a web app with popups using Selenium

Some time ago I had to test a web app where a popup was triggered if the user hovers over a specific link. This is not as easy as testing if an element contains a specific text. But it’s possible using Selenium Actions. These class provides methods to perform some custom gestures on a page, like moving to an element. Here is an example how to do this: Continue reading

Using AngularJS and Spring together

With this blog post I want to provide an example webapp using Spring and AngularJS since both are very popular technologies. The webapp is created using Spring Initializr, Spring Boot and an example AngularJS project. It’s a step-by-step tutorial with some explanations. The repository can be found in this repository:

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Manipulate a page from a chrome extension

In the last days I experimented with a small chrome extension and I ran into trouble to manipulate a website which was currently active in the browser. The use case was that a user can right click into an input field, select an entry from the context menu (which was extended by my extension) and then the input field should be filled with some text. First, I thought this would be very easy, but because of Chrome’s security restrictions, it’s not that easy. I would like to explain how I’ve come to a solution:

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