My first time on a bigger stage

On the 7th of September, I gave a talk at Atlas Camp 2018 in Barcelona. You can watch it here on YouTube. It was my first time on a bigger stage and about 80-100 people listened to my words – amazing! With this blog post I want to say thanks to all who helped me achieving this and share some lessons learned with you.

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Getting notified about new JIRA issues

JIRA is a great issue tracking software by Atlassian and it offers many features to keep your bugs and tasks organised. However, if you’re using it for a while and your project grows bigger and bigger, it can get quite difficult to stay updated on your issues. What I mean is you can’t keep track of all new issues by yourself. Especially if you have a public JIRA instance where all of your customers can add issues. So let’s see what JIRA offers to you in order to support your wish to get the newest issues of your project. Continue reading