Fast AWS Lambda Code Updates And Improved Lambda Logs

This year I’ve started working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and most notably AWS Lambda. It’s awesome what Amazon is providing here! It’s cheap, easy to start with when using¬†SAM – Serverless Application Model¬†and easy to integrate with other services. But there are also downsides (which were also discussed a lot on HN). Just to name a few: a) logging is a mess, b) debugging is not possible at all or c) CPU power only comes with more memory. Though I can’t change b) and c), I could do something for a). Furthermore it was also a pain for me to update the Lambda code quickly, because I am using CloudFormation. A CloudFormation update takes a lot of time and summed up to 2:30 min for every update in my case – not acceptable for just changing one line of code. Therefore I decided to write some small CLI tools to overcome the logging problem and code updates with AWS Lambda.

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