Font awesome icons for your homepage

A few weeks ago I’ve asked a friend how he has integrated icons for his different web profiles to his homepage, because I don’t like most of the default icons from such business or social websites. He told me about Font Awesome and I said “Wow that’s what I was searching for”! Scalable and customizable icons for nearly everything (over 400 icons available): from web profile icons like facebook and twitter over business networks like xing and linkedin to icons for a document, camera, etc. Today I added three of them to the right sidebar of my website as you can see, but without using the available zip file directly. Why? Because I’ve found a WordPress Plugin for Font Awesome which is quite nice. It supports you with an editor to style your icons. After finishing the icon styling, you can copy & paste the code to wherever you want to use your icon. You can also save your code and click “Publish” and that’s the only thing I don’t really like, because it’s like a new blog post though it’s not available in the main blog post list, but if you know the URL, you have access to them unless you set visibility to private… Nevertheless I like Font Awesome 🙂 I hope you will find it useful, too!